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Akhampee and Dem Usantikul

Tips for Worshipping with an Open Heaven

By Dem Usantikul of Prachuap, Thailand

First thing and the most important thing I teach my worship leaders is to be able to wait and find out what God is saying. That’s the major key we always practice. Every word I believe is from my heart. And I teach that to all the worship leaders. Be very sincere with what you say to God.

The second thing I teach is to be in a constant practice of listening to Holy Spirit. We might have prepared five songs, but when we start singing, we think, “Oh, we’re sensing the sweet presence of Holy Spirit now and we don’t need to sing any more songs.” I encourage my worship team to learn to follow Holy Spirit.

And I encourage all my worship team musicians to learn to play without chords because that is a hindrance. Almost every musician in our church had to have chords to follow. But I said, “Pray, ask for a miracle so you can play without chords so you can follow Holy Spirit.” And that’s how it has ended up. Always every musician in our church can now play without chords. And it makes it so much easier to follow Holy Spirit.

And then we practice doing it together. One other thing that really helped me… We have and we want to create an atmosphere for Holy Spirit that we have not practiced for. There’s no practice, but whoever has a song they can start leading it and then that way we learn to flow. This is something we do often and it’s one way to teach the whole church and the whole team to follow Holy Spirit.

If you’re leading worship and you have the phrase come to you that you believe is from Holy Spirit, a phrase for breakthrough, go ahead and speak it out. And you might think, that phrase, what’s it got to do with worship, what’s it got to do with right now. But if we’re willing to practice and do it right now, you’re able to have your breakthrough. So as a team, we’re practicing to be like one person. One person can be leading a song and one person can get a phrase or a word of breakthrough and they can take over and take the mic and lead and the other person will not feel offended because we have learned to be one.

Sometimes we can sense different things. Hand signals are very important for our team. And I can tell them everyone quit playing or sometimes just play the piano.

And whether we increase the sound or decrease it, we all want to follow Holy Spirit so we have our intentions that Holy Spirit will tell us how He wants that service to go. We’re not really leading – we just are the vessel Holy Spirit is using.

That’s what we do every time we lead worship.

(Trujit added about the morning service where we had the open heaven: In the morning sessions, just the Bible school students were present. There are fewer people but they were better prepared and with greater expectation.)