Medellin, Colombia, South America October 2017

It was awesome! So many things happened, I’m sure I can’t record them all here. We posted a few video testimonies on Facebook at Check ’em out!

We could see a tangible difference between our last trip in March and this trip, with many students growing in security and confidence in their identities and relationships with our Daddy God. The testimonies of all that had happened with the oil since we were last there were also amazing. The oil has been multiplying and several people healed when they were anointed with the oil and received prayer. Even cancer healed! Kevin spent time working on how to best help the street ladies of Medellin and we feel like we have some direction that we are now pursuing. More to come about that later.

We had this big wonderful and wild celebration of praise on Friday morning that was just more than awesome! It came after we had a word that we could breakthrough in celebration and then we pushed for it and broke through. It was glorious, and reminds me of how powerful it is when we all push together in unity for more of the Kingdom.  Many students received encounters with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Here are Cindy’s words about that:

Cindy's Testimony

“This is amazing.” “Wow.” “Incredible.” With looks of amazement and big smiles, these were common responses from the students after one-on-one appointments (with a translator) where they were connecting with Jesus in a new way and following His lead. They brought in feelings of insignificance and heavy burden. Often they would say they just couldn’t feel God’s love for them. Some were tormented by bad memories and thoughts. All came wanting more of God. They would see themselves as little children and quickly connected with Jesus or Father. For the twenty year old who could only remember the bad things in her childhood, He sat with her looking through a picture album and she responded, “He was protecting me all the time.” To another who was abandoned by her mother at birth and sexually abused at an early age and not allowed to play with toys as a child, He danced and played with her in a safe and loving way. He gently walked with her through some bad memories and she spontaneously was forgiving those who had so hurt her. And to another He was giving her clothing and shoes that she said looked just like what Jesus was wearing. The pictures and the words from Father were exactly what they needed.

In Isaiah 6:10 Isaiah saw a vision and responded, “Here am I. Send me,” We can see from this scripture that seeing eyes, hearing ears, and understanding hearts led to healing and breakthrough.

A lot of people have trouble with the idea of closing their eyes and seeing Jesus and watching Him. The Lord reminded me [Cindy] that this was the verse I was so moved by 2 years ago just before I met Jean. I was asking for eyes to see and ears to hear. I was pleading with God to open my eyes, ears, and heart to Him even more. Every gospel writer refers back to this verse at some point and Paul also in Acts 28. The word repent also means return. Just recently I saw the connection with 2 Cor 4:16-18 where our inner man is renewed while we look at the unseen not the seen. Healing comes when we see in the spirit world. Healing comes to us when we are willing and desirous to see beyond the physical world and connect with Him spiritually. Eyes and ears and a heart that are attuned to Him open a door for healing in our lives. This is “following Holy Spirit” in our inner healing time.

We [Cindy, Kevin and I]  are so grateful that many young people received much healing of their hearts from the Incredible God of the Universe last week as they knew there was more for them and they sought it from their generous Daddy.

Medellin, Colombia, South America April 2017

Cindy and I are amazed at all Father God did in Medellin. We taught and ministered for one week in Christ for the Nations school. We had enough time with several students to truly get to know them and their stories. Many sold everything they had and gave up good jobs to move there from all over Colombia and South America to go to this school. These are passionate committed people who are the future leaders of their churches and nations.

Their hunger for more of God was tangible and it showed in many intense encounters with Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Father God. We put a few video testimonies on the page. To experience Father’s love in such a deep heart to heart encounter changes a life forever! Many were touched in the group meetings, worship, teaching, and when Cindy prayed with individuals.

You’ll also see on the Facebook page photos of the oil that is flowing from Jerry Pearce’s Bible here in Dalton. I packed in my bag enough vials for each student to have one. When I opened my bag in Medellin, no vials were broken and no loose caps but oil was everywhere soaking the foam padding and bags I used to pack it. (Except absolutely no oil on my clothes! Isn’t God cool!) The oil flowed all week in my hotel room and in the oil bags. I wiped it up at night and the next day it was once again on the floor and window sills. Students saw physical healing, the fire of God, and His manifest presence when they anointed others with this oil. It was pretty crazy exciting stuff happening all week!

While in Medellin, we visited a friend Tom Atwater’s ministry Fresh Wind, a daycare center and support for women in the slums. It’s a great ministry. Tom told us a recent story of when chicken pox was spreading through the entire 3-story children’s center except for one class. He asked the teacher how her kids were spared. She said Holy Spirit had told her to draw a Blood line around the door to her classroom and declare that chicken pox could not enter. Even through siblings slept in same bed with those sick, her students stayed well.

So Tom asked her to pray over the entire center. She took another teacher and they stood at the door where students enter the center and declared no chicken pox could enter. Within a few minutes both the teachers faces were covered with pox! In faith they continued to declare the power of the Blood of Jesus and the pox disappeared! Within a few days all the kids in the center were well! Praise God for His power!

The plan is to return to Medellin once or twice a year to teach in the Bible school and minister in the area. Wouldn’t it be fun for you to come along on a future trip! Pray about it!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers. I’m certain we could not be doing this without them!

Thailand & Burma February 2017

It was a busy, amazing, and productive trip! We went first to camp 1 in Burma to visit the kids and speak to the Karen leaders, then back to Bangkok for a conference, then to Yangon, Burma to speak with a key leader there and visit his children’s home, then back to Bangkok for the second conference. Lots of travel on this trip!

First, about camp 1:
The kids look cared for as best they can within their limitations. Still almost no protein in their diets and school is extremely limited, but the kids are safe and consistently get two meals/day of rice and gourds. While we were there, all 152 kids said yes to Jesus.

All the Karen leaders who gathered while we were there agreed to focus on bringing peace to the nation. This was a major shift from previous intentions. We felt only God could have made this shift happen in only a 2 hour session. It was very powerful.

It was decided to move the 74 kids from camp 2 (not in a safe area) to camp 1. We needed about $11,500 to build 2 dorms to receive the kids. Since that was decided, we already have received over $10,000 from generous people in Thailand and US. It’s absolutely amazing to me how generous people have been toward these kids. The dorms are under construction and as soon as they can be occupied, the kids will be moved to this safer, better camp.

The two conferences:
I’ve been going to Thailand for several years and have watched the hunger for God increase each year. This year, I could see a notable difference in even more hunger. Each meeting was full to overflowing and numbers grew during each conference. There were about 13 salvations, many physical healings and many, many encounters with God. Whenever we stopped to ask for testimonies, one person after another stood to tell about having connected with Father, Jesus, or Holy Spirit for the first time and described the overwhelming love they experienced in that encounter. And it was so easy to flow with Holy Spirit in these meetings. You could literally feel the people drawing the anointing forth. Truly Thailand is ripe for harvest. Please pray more workers be sent into this nation. The people are ready and the time is now! Even now, I burn with passion to open doors for anyone who wants to go help these people. Oh, Lord, send your laborers into the ripe harvest!

Second trip to Burma.
We went to Yangon, large city in south of Burma, to visit with Ps Pau who leads the AoG churches of Burma. He’s a kind, gentle man and we connected heart to heart instantly. We prayed many prayers of repentance and reconciliation. Until we talked, I did not realize how deeply the US has contributed to the problems in Burma. And I repented and asked forgiveness in behalf of my nation.

Ps Pau is of the Chin tribe. Missionaries first went to this tribe from the US and from the Karen tribe in 1910. The Chin joyfully received Jesus and now over 90% of the tribe is Christian. The Chin have been able to live at peace with the Burmese tribe since the national civil wars began right after WW II. Ps Pau attributed this miracle to the fact that the Chin are protected by God and are able to “live at peace even with their enemies.” It was another testimony of the faithfulness of God in all this terrible conflict.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been praying for Holy Spirit to send a worship leader to the Burma camp. These kids don’t know how to worship, but I sense if they were led well, the camp would become a powerful center of worship.

In fact, that’s what I’m hearing from God for all of us – it’s time to focus on worship. Much is happening in the spirit realm – many breakthroughs. As we, a people of God, worship Him, we will see many mighty changes happen.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Holy Spirit called many to pray during this trip and He was able, through your prayers and worship, to do much to help these two nations. To God be the Glory!

Israel October 2016

Jim and Deborah Boyd (in center of picture on the left) and I spent several delightful days in Jerusalem with the visiting team from Thailand who were celebrating the Feast of Tents. We stayed in a hostel, which was a new experience for us. It gave us opportunity to visit with people from all over the world who were in Jerusalem for the feast. One word that the Lord kept repeating the entire trip was about Rest. His Rest. On the right is an interesting pic we took on an afternoon we were walking the streets of the old city and praying. A young girl is standing and knocking at a door holding a bouquet of flowers in one arm and an M-16 strapped over the other shoulder. We assumed she was a soldier off duty! However, it struck the 3 of us that this is a picture of Holy Spirit knocking with His gentle sweetness and power. Interesting, huh?

The church that hosted us is near Gaza and we were there for two days. There were several physical healings, 3 salvations, and lots of people had powerful encounters with Father God and/or Holy Spirit. The worship was crazy great! On the left is a picture of the final impartation ministry and the lady standing is Belle, the pastor of this church. She has a beautiful heart sold out to God.


There was a situation that was somewhat sensitive that I became aware of, and I questioned if perhaps I was to get involved. I had decided I should not. Then I received a prophetic word from someone back home praying and I knew I was to step out in boldness and get involved. I did and it all was resolved and turned out great. Also, two people texted us just as we were going to morning service and the two words agreed – they shifted the direction of what I taught that morning and it opened up a breakthrough for many. Just saying…. your prayers are really important. If you hear something, please do text to me or email (most likely will not get that right away). When someone sends something, it always seems to fit in somewhere and is often really a significant direction we need at the time.

This Israel trip was fun and easy and really, we did enjoy His Rest.
Thank you for your faithful prayers as the Lord leads. You’re so very much appreciated.

Thailand July 2016
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Wow, this trip was amazing, and I’m very aware that it was possible only by the support of prayer. At times, I texted different people, asking for specific prayers. At times, I could literally feel the protection and forward motion of your prayers. I’m so very grateful for your participation and I’m praying that God show you just how effective you were. The trip started with two days of rest and prayer, which was strategic. We then did three conferences in 9 days, including travel. Carol and I soon lost track of how many beds we had slept in or what day it was! But we were having fun! God moved with power at every session. We began the first two conferences about our healed identity in Christ. Then on to intimate relationships with Father God and Holy Spirit. At the first conference, almost everyone had a God encounter, and described in detail what it was like and how glorious it was. At the second conference, the fire came at several times and, on the last day, heaven opened up at the very beginning of the worship time in the morning. We spent 3 hours in the heavenly realm with many people connecting with God in a new way. The worship team so beautifully followed Holy Spirit to shepherd this open heaven. Then in the evening service, the fire came in power with many God encounters and personal breakthroughs. At the retreat for Praise Church, the first two sessions were about cleansing and giving all to Him. Freedom from lack was the theme – no lack in Him. One lady told us later that the burdens she had carried for years were finally gone as she stepped out to trust God with her perceived lack. It was a big key for freedom for her and others. The fire came in the next sessions and in the last evening service, heaven opened up. Pastor Poom saw a golden staircase letting down from heaven into the entire room. When he gave the description, the worship hit a new level and many more had encounters with heaven and with Holy Spirit. Testimonies of what people had seen and experienced were, well,.. heavenly. It seemed the theme for the entire trip was knowing who you are, knowing who you’re with, and heaven opening up out of that revelation and experience. Also, many described being in the river of life. This kept happening in different locations without my talking about it. Holy Spirit just did it. It’s hard to describe the fruit of this trip except to say many people had life-changing encounters with God and talked about never being the same. Also, I got a chance to talk with some people from different nations, and I want to say that heaven is opening up all over the world. Testimonies are coming from all over. For example, the church of around 250 in Prachuat had 40 new believers just last month. Churches in Malaysia are seeing gemstones fall out of the air into their meetings. God is doing so much in so many places now. We need to steward well this wave of His glory and expect more right here where we live! Thank you so very much for your prayers. I drew deeply from them. Many, many thanks.

Pastor Fredy began about 17  years ago caring for children who were on the streets and neglected. He told us the story of one 5 year old.  He found his mom who was a prostitute in a very poor section of Cali. Upon receiving her permission to take her son to this home, Fredy brought him to the Foundation on the mountain. This little boy had so much infection in his mouth and throat that a dentist would not treat him. A jaw and face surgeon was found who through surgery was able to save his teeth. He is now 18 years old and plays soccer very well. These children are learning the Father’s love, forgiveness, repentance,  worship, and relationship. Very needy children become thriving children and adults. Currently there are 18 children in the home. This pastor has a son’s heart and he and his wife have focused on helping these children have healed hearts and be sons and daughters to Father as well.  The presence of heaven was here.