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Newsletter #5  Many Changes and New Information  June, 2018

The Army of Lovers started in 2016 with the assignment from Father God to raise up an army of lovers for the children of Myanmar(Burma). It’s been a while since I (Jean Andrews) updated you on what’s happening in Myanmar and there’s a lot to report.

Good News:

First, here are the awesome things that have happened in the last 3-4 months:

  • Thanks to our faithful donors, the Army of Lovers is meeting our monthly commitment of $1560 to feed the children and their caretakers and cover Anna’s salary.
  • Anna, our worship pastor, has been living at the camp for several months in the house that Red Table and other ministries built for her and other leaders.
  • Loy Poh and Veena, the Karen leaders who oversee our giving into the camp, visited us in Dalton for three weeks in March. We got to know them better and they were able to help us understand their goals and visions for the camp.
  • Holy Spirit instructed me to go to Israel in May with 3 assignments. One of them was to pray for Myanmar. I “happened” to find myself in a prayer tower, on the 20th floor of an office building that was specifically built for people from other nations to come to Jerusalem to pray for the nations. After this time of prayer, we have seen many breakthroughs in the work in Myanmar.
  • A few months ago, we asked Gampon and Mirjam Kumdee, who pastor a church in Chiang Mai, to help us get food to the camp. They have truly been called by God to help this camp and have gone far beyond what we asked of them. Recently, they went to the camp with a group from their church to bring food and build new toilets. They speak good English and we are so very grateful for their involvement.Children thankful for food sent by you, our donors!

Anna with the children in class

In March, Loy Poh and Veena met with Red Table board to give their visions for the camp

View of Jerusalem from a window of the prayer tower

Gampon’s church building new toilets at the camp

Gampon in the center supervising the work


The Challenges:

These last few months, multiple challenges have surfaced, and we want to make you aware:

  • Safety in the camp. We are committed to the children’s safety. However, in the last 3 months, the kids had to be evacuated twice because the war was coming too close to the camp. At one point, the kids all slept in the grass for a few nights on the Thailand side of the river border. In the second evacuation, which lasted for weeks, some kids were sent to a refugee camp in Thailand and most were sent back to their families. We are concerned about the safety of the camp.
  • Sustainable food supply. As you know, we wanted to establish a sustainable food supply at the camp. We have explored many ideas to do that, but, so far, none is workable. For example, we talked to an organization willing to help us build a chicken farm and buy eggs for the kids to have one egg a day until the farm is established. But the plan failed because (1) the organization decided the camp is too remote and not safe for their staff and (2) because of cultural differences and visions, the leaders of the camp did not want to accept the type of help offered. (This organization did say if we (Red Table) ever have a safer location and local leaders willing to accept their help, they are very open to working with us.)
  • Worship. As you might recall from earlier newsletters, Holy Spirit told us to teach the kids to worship and, in worship, He would heal their hearts. Anna went to the camp on this mission, but because of disagreements among the leaders at the camp, she has not been allowed to lead worship. On the other hand, I’ve noticed the kids in the photos I’ve seen since Anna arrived seem much happier. She prays with great dedication and faith.

Regarding these challenges, Holy Spirit has told us to wait and watch and assures us He is working in the background. He could make the camp safer or give us a new location. He could change the hearts of local leaders or give us new leaders. We pray and wait, and we continue to help the camp with basic financial needs.

David from Burma:

Speaking of leaders, through Ming, we made contact with David, a young Burmese man on fire for God, living in Tachileik, Myanmar, caring for 24 kids in his home. Tachileik is near Chiang Rai, Thailand, and is safe, far from the war. Our first contacts with David were positive, and we do see the call of God on his life. Red Table has helped him some financially, and we plan to build a relationship with David, watching carefully how Holy Spirit leads us in this relationship. Check out a video about his ministry here:

Our Next Steps:

  • Regardless of the challenges at the camp, the children still need our care and we have no plans to abandon them. We continue to help with their monthly budget for food.
  • We hope that Gampon and Mirjam continue their involvement in the camp, which can mean Red Table can rely on them more and more to represent our efforts at the camp.
  • David in Tachileik lives by faith, each month believing God for rent, food, and utilities. As money is available, we plan to help him monthly as part of our efforts to slowly build a relationship of trust.
  • We are having some great video conferences with David and kids. As we do so, we expect Holy Spirit will show us next steps as to how to build this relationship.

Prayer points:

  • Father, please help each of us in the Army of Lovers be faithful to the work You have called us to do, looking only to You as our source.
  • Father, You have said that every child deserves a home. Please give the children at the camp a safe home and leaders on fire for You and Your Kingdom.
  • Father, please continue to raise up David and his children to be ambassadors of reconciliation and carry Your fire and anointing to the many factions in Myanmar and even to the leaders and children in the camp.

Thank you everyone for the part you are playing in this effort to help the children of Myanmar! YOU are making a difference! Praise God, He is our mighty Defender!

Love and blessings,            Jean Andrews


4th Newsletter- August 2017


Together We are Making a Difference

The Army of Lovers started about 7 months ago to help about 224 displaced kids in Burma (Myanmar). The last time I (Jean Andrews) wrote you an update, I had just returned from Myanmar and we had decided to move the 74 kids from an unsafe part of the nation to the safer camp 1. I also sent you a prayer list of next steps. We have already met several goals on this prayer list. Together we all are truly making a difference!
Here’s what we have accomplished together:
  • The Army of Lovers (that’s YOU!) finished the two new dorms and all the kids were moved just in time to start school in June. A church in Hong Kong also donated money to build two new classrooms and a house for teachers.
  • We have a worship leader! Anna graduated from Om Koi Bible School and is currently a worship leader at Om Koi Church. She has agreed to move to the camp to pastor the kids and teach them to worship. We want to build a house for Anna and one other worship leader.
  • Praise Church in Israel, pastored by our dear friend, Belle, has donated a guitar and drum set for the camp.
  • The Army of Lovers are meeting our monthly commitment of $1500 to feed the 224 children and their caretakers.

One of two new dorms. The girls dorm has four indoor toilets; a luxury in the Myanmar countryside.

Anna from Om Koi, will go to the camp in October to serve as worship leader and pastor to the kids.

One of the boys learning to play the guitar donated by Praise Church in Israel


Next steps:
  • A house for Anna. The house will cost about $6,000 and will have two bedrooms, a kitchen, and toilet. Please prayerfully consider helping us. We already have $1700 promised toward this house.
  • Sustainable food supply. All the monthly food budget is used to buy rice and other basic food, which Loy Poh takes to the camp each month. We would like to plant rice fields and banana trees and grow chickens so the camp can grow its own food.

A recent food delivery. Many of the older kids came across the river to the Thailand side to receive the trucks and help carry the food to boats and over to the camp
Prayer points:
  • For the hearts of children to be healed in the atmosphere of worship through a deep connection to Father God and His love.
  • For a sustainable food supply.
  • For peace in Myanmar. When Ming, an intercessor from Thailand was here in Dalton, the local intercessors met and spent the evening praying directly into this issue. We brought our petitions before our Good and Faithful Judge of all the earth that He would gather together as one the Christian men and women of peace from every faction and tribe in the nation for reconciliation and relationship. As we prayed, we sensed the assurance that every accusation against God’s people and the nation was covered in the Blood of Christ Jesus and then He answered:
    • Yes, this is His heart. We have what we have asked for. Christian men and women of peace will be identified and join together for reconciliation and relationship.
    • Today is the time of God’s favor, the day of salvation for Myanmar.
    • Someone saw golden rice fields ready for harvest.
    • Another felt Him say to declare legitimate and healthy businesses will come forth to heal and build the economy.
We continue to pray and make these declarations. We invite you to do the same.
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Intercessors who recently met to pray for peace in Burma: Jeanne, Jean, Jennifer, Shirlene, Deborah, Ming, Kate, Cindy, and Maarten

Loy Poh baptizes a female soldier who just gave her heart to Jesus, her One True Defender
Thank you everyone for the part you have played in this effort to help the children of Burma! YOU are making a difference! Praise God, He is our mighty Defender!
Love and blessings,     Jean Andrews




Third Newsletter   February 2017

We are Making Progress on Many Fronts!
In February, I (Jean Andrews) went to camp 1 to see for myself all happening there and to speak with a group of Karen leaders about how to bring peace to the nation. I learned much and God did much!

Ming and I flew into Chiang Mai and met A.J. Chawla (video and photography) and Loy Poh and then drove about 4 hours to Om Koi. The next morning, A.J., Ming, Nok (a Bible school teacher), Loy Poh, and his wife Veena drove another 6 hours to the Burma border. At the border, we took a boat across the river to the camp.

Nok, Ming, Veena and Loy Poh

Several people from the camp met us on the Thailand side to help us into the boats to cross the river into Burma. You can see the roofs of some of the buildings in the camp in the background.

Four boys, waiting for us to arrive, ran to welcome us and help carry our things. We received a warm welcome!

This is where we slept. They provided mats, pillows, blankets and mosquito nets.

I didn’t get many pictures of groups of kids, but here is one. We brought a Twister game and taught the kids how to play.

I really wanted to talk with the children and hear their stories. But with so few translators available to help, it just wasn’t possible. All I could do was smile, give hugs, and motion I’d like to take their picture if they would agree. Seeing their picture on my phone usually brought a grin and a nod of approval. The girls wear a chalk they scrape off of rocks as makeup to protect from the sun.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

This little girl enjoyed having her picture taken!

Primary school classroom. The older children’s classrooms were better equipped.

What We Accomplished

First, I needed to see the camp for myself and talk with some of the leaders. I got a much better understanding of what are the challenges, needs, and successes. Overall, I think they’re doing a pretty fantastic job taking care of these children with the limited resources they have. The kids get two meals a day of rice and gourds; their clothes were clean, and they live, go to school and sleep in safety. They get medical care and they live in a beautiful, natural environment. We even saw a few dogs, cats, goats, and chickens roaming about and soccer balls. The dorms, kitchen, clinic and church are built with metal roofs and wooden walls and floors.

One of the dorms. Notice the roof is metal and the walls and floor are wood. This is much better than bamboo shelters in camp 2

When talking with the leaders, it was explained that Camp 2 is not safe, the buildings are made of temporary bamboo that must be replaced each year. Because it’s a six hour boat ride and drive through dangerous territory, it is very difficult to get food to this camp. After some discussion, it was decided to build two new dorms at camp 1 and move the kids from camp 2 to camp 1. Each dorm costs about $5700 and holds about 40 kids. One dorm for girls and one for boys. We prayed the Lord would provide the money for the dorms and transportation for the kids.
I started sending texts to those I knew wanted to help as soon as I got into Thailand with a cell signal. Within a few hours we had enough money for one dorm! Now we have collected and sent to the camp over $10,000 and only need about another $1300 to finish both dorms! I’m absolutely amazed at how quickly this money has come in. The Army of Lovers is a generous people!
I believe we heard the next step is worship. All the kids have received Jesus, but they have not been taught how to worship. We need a worship leader who speaks Karen and can work with kids to teach them to worship. A church in Israel, pastored by our friend Belle, bought a new excellent-quality guitar to send to the camp as soon as we have someone who can play it. Please pray for a worship leader!

The Karen leaders we talked with all agree they want peace, not war. We talked of ways this might happen.
Prayer points:

  • For a worship leader willing to live at the camp and teach the children to worship.
  • For worship teams to come and worship at the camp. Perhaps a church in Thailand would be willing to send a worship team for a two-day worship event.
  • Most of these children are deeply traumatized and find it difficult to learn. Please pray for solutions for these deep wounds of trauma. Worship is one of those solutions.
  • For sustaining food solutions. Gourds are currently being grown at the camp. Land mines were recently cleared from the rice fields so that next season rice can be planted. Ideas for more sustainable food are banana trees and chickens.
  • Prayer teams to come and pray over the land. Five years ago much fighting and bloodshed happened right on the camp grounds. There’s been no violence there for two years, but you can almost feel the land crying out in pain. I did not sense it was the time to cleanse the land, but I know we will one day do it.
  • Finances to complete the second dorm so camp 2 can be moved to camp 1. Camp 2 will then be closed. Only $1300 more is needed!
  • On-going commitments to meet our goal of $1500/month to supply rice to the 224 kids and their caretakers.. Since the first of the year, we are receiving an average of $600 per month and we have a buffer for about 5 months of food.
  • For the solutions from heaven needed to heal the hearts of these children and educate them with excellence. They are indeed the future hope of Burma.

Cabbages and other supplies coming to the camp!

Loy Poh tells me that since the Army of Lovers has been formed, each month they have the money to buy rice and some cabbages for the kids without stressing over where the money is coming from. Thank you everyone for the part you have played in this effort! YOU are making a difference! Praise God, He is good!


Second Newsletter- January, 2017        Call for Intercessors

After the first newsletter went out, I (Jean Andrews) asked Holy Spirit, “What is the next step?” He said, “Organize the intercessors.”

Are you interested in being a part of the Army of Lovers intercessors?

This commitment involves praying for the Karen children in the camps and for all of Burma. You will receive regular emails with insights as to how and what to pray, and we ask that you share what He shows you.

As He shows us what He wants to do, we agree with Him and declare it, as He fights our battle!

Testimony of Army of Lovers Intercessors at Work

A plea recently came from one of the camps to send guns to protect the women and girls who were being molested at night. The intercessors began praying about this need. Kate and Jennifer each heard there was a non-violent strategy for protection. We felt Holy Spirit was saying to securely enclose the girls’ dorm and put strong locks on strong doors. When we sent this message to Loy Poh, he agreed this is indeed the best way to protect them. The money we need to do this is quickly coming in. This is the Army of Lovers in action and He is breathing on it!

                                              One of the buildings in camp 1. Buildings are normally not fully enclosed or have strong doors.

Please ask Father if He wants YOU to be a part!

To join the Army of Lovers intercessors, contact Deborah Boyd at

In Thailand, contact Anuporn Ming at

Ming is on the left in this photo. She took a selfie after a prayer gathering where many sensed angels were present. What do you think? Could she have photographed an angel in this selfie?

                                                Deborah is on the Red Table Board of Directors and co-pastors Briarwood Church in Ringgold, GA

Don’t forget to Like our Facebook page at and check out our website

One of the kids in camp 1.

Story of the Logo of the Army of Lovers

I (Jean) experienced Jesus on a white horse circling the earth carrying a scepter. Wherever He pierced the heavens with His scepter, an army of angels rushed from the deep heavens through the hole into the earth. The scepter has a heart like an arrowhead on one end and a flame of fire on the other end. Love is the hottest of all fires! (Song of Songs 8:6)

My friend, Kanteera Muengrom (Smile) drew this beautiful logo for us. Thank you, Smile!

Thank you, everyone, for all your help! We are making great progress. God is doing much!
Jean Andrews


First Newsletter- December, 2016

Raising up an Army of Lovers to Help the People of Burma

We surrender to God. We hope and give with passion and purpose. We go. We love furiously.


Summary for Those with No Time to Read!
  • After a recent trip to Thailand, I (Jean Andrews) came home with an assignment from the Lord to “raise up an army of lovers” for the orphans of the Burmese civil war.
  • 224 kids and a few adults are trapped in two camps between the Burmese war zone and a closed Thailand border with no way to provide for themselves.
  • Red Table our ministry here in Dalton, GA, has agreed to join with me to raise up this army of lovers, givers, and goers to help these kids.
  • Will you consider joining us for prayer, purpose, and giving? Contact or or go to to help!


Background of the Burma Civil War

The 67-year civil war in Myanmar (also known as Burma) began shortly after World War II when
issues have changed over the years and have become increasingly more brutal. Most of the current conflict today is fought in the Karen State of Burma, and the Burmese have been practicing ethnic cleansing with a “scorched earth” policy.  The Karen are organized to resist and fight the Burmese under the Karen National Defense Organization. They see themselves as a people without a country.

For more information:


Project 1: Help for immediate needs of children in two camps

224 kids and a few adults are held up in two camps on the Thai-Burma border, not allowed into Thailand because the UN has declared the civil war has ended and, therefore, Thailand closed its borders to more refugees. It’s not safe for these kids to return to their villages; most kids are true orphans – both parents killed in the war and some of their villages burned. My friend, Loy Poh, has taken responsibility for these two camps for over four years now. I have helped him financially for three years.

Loy Poh and Veena Buppha have led the northern Thailand revival that broke out in 2006 among the Karen hill tribe people. Loy Poh is one of the leaders in the Karen for Christ organization ( and  He oversees the Om Koi Bible School in the Chiang Mai province, is a member of the Chiang Mai province parliament, and runs various businesses and humanitarian efforts for the Karen people in Thailand and Burma. Loy Poh and Veena are laid-down lovers of God. Loy Poh recently told me he fasts 120 days each year. I have watched him sell all his cows to help kids and give away his home. I trust his generous heart and he trusts me. I have taught and ministered in the Om Koi Bible School and various churches in the area each year since 2007.

Veena, Jean, and Loy Poh Buppha

As Loy Poh was telling me details about the situation with the kids in Burma, I was deeply touched and asked the Lord what I could do. I heard Him say, “Raise up an army of lovers.” I committed to do this. I committed to $1500/month for rice and salt to feed both camps, and I’m hoping God will indeed give us an army of lovers to help. When I got home, the ministry Red Table that I lead here in Dalton, GA, agreed to join with me to help. We are setting everything up now and plan to send two men to one camp in January to make a 3-minute video about the camps. We will also devote much of our website to these projects.

Camp 1 with a group of Christians from Hong Kong who came to minister and give shoes


Kids receiving Jesus through the Hong Kong  ministry team


Most of the children are 10-12 years old.


Rice and salt delivered to camp 1 on December 9, 2016, for once month supply


Project 2: Help find a path to peace for Burma

On my November, 2016, trip, I met General Nerdah Bo Mya, who is chief of staff of the Karen National Defense Organization (see ). He is a Christian, educated in the US, and very open to whatever help we are able to give. He confirmed the need in these two camps and 100s of other camps along the Thai-Burma border that his army protects. He also confirmed the kids would be given guns and expected to fight when they are old enough.

The Word the Lord gave to me for him regarding ending the war was to identify the strongholds over the nation and to go in the opposite spirit. Those strongholds are sorcery, control, domination, and tribalism. Unity, freedom, and no one feels “less than” would be the opposite spirit. The Lord directed us to find ten or more “men of peace” representing all the tribal and religious factions in the nation and to bring them together to join for the purpose of unity for peace and rebuilding.”

Gen. Nerdah Bo Mya and Jean

The general said that if this were done, it would indeed end the war. He said there has been no unity among the many religious factions (Buddhist, Animists and Christian) and 11-12 tribes in the nation, and he thought the leaders were so weary of the war they might be willing to unite if approached in the right way. I asked if Loy Poh would be capable of bringing these leaders together. He said, yes, Loy Poh had the influence and, if he were willing, it could be done, but would be hard. No one has yet been able to do this, but if it happened, it certainly could end the war.

Loy Poh has agreed to try. He plans to fast in January and then begin the process of finding these men. We plan to set up a travel fund for him to go into Burma and to provide intercession as he goes. We have several committed intercessors in Thailand and the US.

We believe the strategy to help Burma is two-fold: Bottom-up to help the kids; top-down to find the men of peace and bring them together.

YOU are invited to be a part of the army of lovers! Please let us know if you are willing to help in any way. We have much to do and would love for you to get involved!

Thank you so much for your help!
Jean Andrews

“Why not me? Why not here? Why not now?”