Jean Andrews

Jean Andrews leads teams to wherever Daddy God leads with her call to “Take My love to the nations.” Our focus is to connect people to Father God so that He can rejoice in our presence with Him and we can rejoice in His presence with us. Many hindrances can prevent us from enjoying this love and from enjoying Him as our true Daddy. Our ministry is to help people understand His love and to pull down any power of lies we have believed about who we are and who He is that can separate us from His love. Forgiveness and healing are keys. Holy Spirit leads as we follow Him to cry out, “Daddy God!” as we fall into His arms of love.


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Where do I find a spiritual father or mother?
This might be someone you know already but didn’t think of him or her this way. Take another look at those you know. Who would lay down their life for you? Who is mature and stable in their spiritual journey? Don’t consider status, age, or position in the church. You are not looking for someone who wants you to help them build their ministry. You are looking for one who desires to build you up and empower you to be living out of your connection with Father God. Look for a person who knows he or she is a son or daughter of God and does not relate to God as a servant. This person can show you how to move from being a servant to being a son.
When you feel you are a son or daughter of God in your heart, you can be a spiritual father or mother to others. Ask your spiritual father or mother to help you to become a spiritual father or mother to others. We need many fathers and mothers in the Body of Christ and I hope you quickly become one of them!



Once I understand my sonship, what do I do next? Do I quit working for God and just rest?
Father God wants you to learn to rest securely in His love. Therefore, you might certainly want to take a break from all the hard work you have been doing for God. Learn to rest, which can sometimes be very difficult to do when you have worked hard for God for many years. Ask Father God to help you learn to rest in Him.
From a heart of rest, Father is free to release you into your inheritance as His son or daughter. An inheritance is something you did not earn but is given because of your relationship as a child of Father God. Sometimes you must stop all the hard work you are doing so that you have the time and focus to see the true desires of your heart.
Father God wants to establish you in your destiny and that purpose and destiny is already in your heart. Spend time in prayer and ask Father to show you the deep desires and dreams in your heart. What is it you truly want to do? It might not be a ministry, but a business, schooling, travel, or having a family. After you see what the desire of your heart is, ask Father what is the next step toward this dream. Father God truly wants to give us the desires of our heart. He truly wants you excited about life and taking the next step toward your dream.
Here’s a bit of my own (Jean) testimony in that area. After I first met Father God, I resigned from all the committees and hard work I was doing in my local church. I truly needed to rest from all that hard work. In my heart, I had the call of the prophetic and it burned with passion in my heart to help people hear encouraging words from their Father God. After I stopped all my hard work as a servant, I began hearing words from God during church services. This was not typical in my church. The pastor, however, invited me to share the words to the church during the service. This continued to happen and the pastor eventually began to trust me and invited me into a new role in the church, which I loved and was no work at all for me, but pure joy!


I am more
free than
ever before.


The result of the Inter Healing class is that I am more free than ever before. I have not only learned to more effectively minister to others but to more effectively approach the Lord one-on- one having a more intimate personal relationship with Him. Learning to see Jesus and approach of the Abba Father have changed my life permanently, for the better. Most of all this class prepared me for the most important moment of my life when my husband fell down a flight of stairs and was healed at the bottom. Partly due because of a prophecy spoken over me at the end of the Inner Healing class and the rest because our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ was gracious in allowing me to be apart of that healing & this Inner Healing class. But it was all because of being a part of this group. I now pray in the spirit more; I’m learning to be still as I wait and rest in my Lord. My heart and spirit overflow with gratitude to all in that group especially Jean, and praise and thanksgiving to our Beloved Lord for His awesome provision. Jeanne


I didn’t
know what
I was missing.


Inner healing has taught me that I don’t have to live with depression and anxiety. What I once thought would be a constant battle that I would have to struggle with for the rest of my life, I now realize is something I can be free of. By realizing at a heart level, rather than at a head level, how much God really and truly loves me, I am not only finding healing, but also the true joy that God wants me to experience as I invite Him to be part of everything I do.
I didn’t know what I was missing. I thought I had Christianity all figured out, but God wasn’t wanting a servant, He was wanting a daughter. He was wanting the child in me to sit on his lap while He wrapped His arms around me. He was wanting to run through fields of flowers with me. He was wanting to walk by my side hand in hand just listening to me ramble about whatever was on my mind. That’s the love I had been missing all these year. Audrey


I was
for more.


In the Fall of 2014 my heart yearned to hear and see God and not miss anything He was doing. I happened into this meeting with Jean and was challenged to believe God for bigger things. My faith in God grew by leaps and bounds. I began to see how God’s healing originated from His love for us and touched us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically! I was discovering tools for the healing of my own heart and how to give these away so others could use them as well. I am so grateful for the classes here in NW Georgia (and Jean Andrews’ willingness to come and share all she has learned) and for Abba Daddy being so faithful to continue leading me so gently and personally to more fullness in Christ. Cindy


for me.


The Inner Healing Ministry process opened a porthole to my mind and soul and heart. Once the porthole was open, all things that had been held in the secret places of my heart and mind could be released to God, our Father, to heal completely. I went into the deep places I did not even know were there with the help of the Holy Spirit. Once I saw and felt and acknowledged those dark places in my life, I asked the Holy Spirit to set me free of any feelings of unforgiveness, shame, and fear. Once this healing had taken place I was able to go and connect to our Daddy (Father God). At that time I was free to enjoy the love and peace He had for me. I had total Freedom from the burdens that I had been carrying for years. Happiness, joy, peace as I had never known before came into my heart and mind! My life will never be the same.Inner Healing is life changing! Not only for me but everyone’s life I touch! Eileen


I had 
to get to
that quiet place.


You can watch a short video from Susan Lowery telling of her experience with Jean’s teaching, the inner healing class, and encounter with Father God. Click here.